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Interview: The Hangover Takeover Show
I was a guest on the Hangover Takeover show, hosted by GypsyBlue Rivera, and the lovely, gorgeous, and super dope Juju. Thanks to a healthy glass of wine before going live, and their welcoming, anything-goes vibe, a great time was had. 



Mucho profanity. 

Have a gander, player.

Radio Interview: TK in the AM show
I come in around the 52-minute mark.
We talk to Alex Hardy, writer and pop culture commentator about his article of “teachable moments" directed towards Kitty Pryde the emcee who live tweeted the new Beyonce release and got a few things wrong. She in turn, wrote back after realizing or perhaps being chastised made her realize there were some issues in her post? TK in the AM and Alex delve deeper and explore how he broke the internet over the weekend.

Global Jobs: Dance Enthusiast Matches Passion With Profit in Panama
My day typically begins at 6:45 a.m., when I jump out of bed to teach a Zumba class at the national gym chain Powerclub. I take a diablo rojo (a repurposed and painted yellow school bus) which costs 25 cents and then transfer to a taxi, which should cost no more than $3 within the city (more if you speak no Spanish, less if you’re a flirty pretty girl). After my Zumba class, I grab another taxi  or Metrobus to my clients for English lessons. My clients could be average citizens of United Nations employees. One night a week, I teach a hip-hop dance class to teenagers and another night, I do a Cardiodance class for women. Other nights, I rehearse with a dance company

U.S. expat, Alex talks about living and finding his roots in Panama amid colorism, racism and discrimination. -Negro: Finding Identity - Alex


  1. "see, this is how you write a bio. actual things about your life.

    not your weird zoey deschanel twee dreamz and hobbies."

    --my friend on this bio


  2. Been Reading your Stuff. Very good and very simular to my experiences in Costa Rica. I Lived in the Jaco Beach area for 3.5 years and returned summer of 2012. I was there with my 3 kids and wife. We are all black and can pass the paper bag test so we did not see the racism until we were with darker blacks and instntlty I saw the difference in in treatment. We loved it. while we were there we did our 90 day outs in Panama. I once once snuck past boarder patrol with there machine guns becasue they told me the office to get my car paper work was closed a I would have to stay in Pasa Conoles over night... I was writing on my site but was so busy with life that I could not maintain it.


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