I wrote two things for Mic.com

I've been writing or whatever.

In my latest essay for Mic.com, I wrote about how washing dishes has helped me find peace and practice mindfulness when my spirit feels ashy:
Despite being breakfast-positive, I get into ruts where I hop up out the bed and juke into the day unhydrated and unmoisturized, fueled by coffee and capitalism. No good breakfast sausage. No creamy grits. Cleaning the last of yesterday from the sink during my quiet morning routine gives me a cue to go ahead and feed myself and take my meds, and BAM! Nutrition, ho.

"Washing dishes is my meditation"

Elsewhere on Mic.com, I had a beautiful conversation with author, prison abolitionist, and editor of Racebaitr Hari Ziyad about engaging with their child self while writing their new memoir, Black Boy Out of Time, finding solace amidst grief, and the personal work required to impact this ho-ass world: 
But we also have these punitive views towards ourselves, and that shows up in the self-talk that we have, and when we don’t feel good enough, when we don’t listen to the very clear warning signs that tell us not to do something because we don’t trust ourselves, because we don’t have a loving relationship with that part of ourselves.
"Hari Ziyad on cultivating a world where Black queer people can thrive

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