Join me for the next round of "Literary Therapy: Writing (for) Your Life" on 11/4


I am two weeks into my first round of "Literary Therapy: Writing (for)Your Life" workshops. I'm working with two groups of folks who brought their open minds, hearts, and notebooks to write their way through complex emotions we're all experiencing. I'm getting ready for the second round of workshops, which will start on Wednesday, November 4, 2020.

"Literary Therapy: Writing (for) Your Life" is an intimate, dynamic, interactive, non-clinical six-week therapeutic writing program that harnesses the cathartic power of honest reflective writing, group readings and discussion, and collective vulnerability to explore mental and emotional wellness (joy, stress, loss, trauma, self-love, affirmation, fear, shame, etc.), curate self-care strategies, and thrive amidst uncertainty, conflict, oppression, violence, etc.

Course Outline

1. November 4: Establishing a sense of safety

We explore literary grounding techniques for daily rituals and acute stress relief, envisioning safety, creating a sanctuary, establishing healthy routines, etc.

2. November 11: Resilience & self-love
Stuffing your healing toolkit, recognizing strengths and assets, acknowledging what’s going well, pouring into yourself, and self-affirmation. More writing-based grounding techniques.

3. November 18: Giving yourself grace & forgiveness
What are you doing well? Engaging with & quieting the Inner Hater. Being kind(er) to yourself and deciphering negative self-talk. Working through shame.

4. December 2: It takes a village (boundaries & community healing)
Is your tribe healthy? What do you need to be your best self? How can we set healthy boundaries while inviting connection? Is your community contributing to or detracting from your wellness?

5. December 9: Facing & learning from the past
What lessons have we learned from trauma and transition? How have our raggedy moments made us better or stronger?

6. December 16: Looking to the future
Envisioning a joyful future. Declaring dreams and engaging support. Embracing abundance.

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