[workshop series] 9/16/20 Literary Therapy: Writing (for) Your Life

Would it be helpful to write your way through emotions we're all navigating around safety, isolation, loss, and uncertainty? I have developed a writing program for that.

"Literary Therapy: Writing (for) Your Life" is a dynamic, interactive, non-clinical six-week therapeutic writing program that harnesses the cathartic power of honest reflective writing, group readings and discussion, and collective vulnerability to explore mental and emotional wellness (joy, stress, loss, trauma, self-love, affirmation, fear, shame, etc.), curate self-care strategies, and thrive amidst uncertainty, conflict, oppression, violence, etc.

By busting our emotions open ‘pon the page, we will awaken our imaginations and armor ourselves for the War on Spiritual Ashiness. The party starts Wednesday, September 16. 


The sessions underscore writing's effectiveness as a vehicle for healing, catharsis, distraction, and entertainment; and provides tools for stress management, prioritizing joy, self-care, and community wellness. Throughout the six-week program, participants will hear and share insights, practice mindfulness and gratitude, and learn literary grounding techniques to take an inventory of and gain clarity on their wellness journeys.

Also, no pressure: if you choose to keep all your insights to yourself, that’s fine, too. It’s your world.

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