Feeding the Community on Mental Mental Health Monday with Tanya Denise Fields

Welcome to another week in Janet Jackson's America. Thriving in the war on spiritual ashiness requires a village. And everybody in that village has to eat. Even the Flo-Rida fans and the village members who don't wash the bottoms of their plates. On last night's Mental Health Monday with Alexander Hardy, I rapped with reproductive & food justice warrior, urban farmer, Rona survivor, mother, and Founder and Executive Director of The Black Feminist Project, Tanya Denise Fields about healing herself so she can heal her community, what she's doing to getsomejoy, the Corona Food Relief Box, and what it's like to manage a farm in El Bronx.

Here's what had happened:

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(As mentioned during the show) Five things bringing me joy:

1. The Healing Space Podcast: S3 Ep 96 #BlackTransLivesMatter (With Nia Clark, Ameirah Neal and Andy Jean) - here

2. Ms. Vixen: "#12 Hustle And Heal - Affirming Work Life Balance w/ Tribe CoCreate" - here

3. Imani State of Mind: "Don't Panic!" - here

4. Michaela Coel's I May Destroy You (HBO)

5. I GOT AN APARTMENT. After five years of blowing in the end. Woosah! By request, I put together an Amazon registry if you're down to contribute to the Casa de Joy! Have a gander right here.

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Tanya Denise Fields making magic at the Black Joy Farm (photo: NY1)

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