5/4/20: Mental Health Monday w/ Darnell Lamont Walker, Chef Jazzy Jalapeño, & Steven Mckenzie

Oh hey there. On this week's Mental Health Monday, I hosted a self-care check-in with some wonderful folks and explored coping with creativity in the age of The Rona. I talked to a trio of winners about their self-care, what they're up to, and how creating has helped them thrive in this spiritually ashy moment in time.

I talked to writer and filmmaker Darnell Lamont Walker (Outside the House, Set Your Life On Fire, Blue's Clues) about working from home, creating routines, and his transition into writing television for children.

I talked to illustrator Steven Mckenzie (of hellacrust.com / IG: @iconikes / twitter: @iconikes) about his self-care, what he's learned since quitting his job this spring to pursue art as a full-time career, and and his upcoming solo art exhibit.

I talked to educator, mama bear, and chef Jazzy Jalapeño aka Jazzmin Brown (IG: @jazzitude) about her self-care situation, what it's like teaching babies via Zoom, helping her children navigate distance learning, and how cooking helps her find peace.


Darnell Lamont Walker is one of my favorite storytellers. He joined me at Colored Boy and Friends: Mental Health Awareness Edition back in the day.

Passport Required
Passport Required's GQ feature

Steven Mckenzie is my leadership team buddy and an ultra dope illustrator from El Bronx. 

This Friday May 8, he is showcasing the work he has created since leaving his day job to pursue art full-time at "You, We, & Me," a virtual art exhibit that will be open to the public on Artsteps.com at 6PM EST: right here.

To celebrate his leap into art, we are giving away one of his original pieces weekly over the next nine weeks.

To enter to win: drop me a self-care check-in on selfcarecheckin.com, the GetSomeJoy Facebook situation, the GetSomeJoy IG, or hit us on Twitter.
Jazzmin Brown is a NY-based chef, educator, and mother who cohosts Parental Guidance with RYT 500 yoga instructor Shinda Derosa to provide parents and caregivers a space to process stress and receive support around mindfulness and distance learning. They meet Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 12:30PM est on Zoom. Ze meeting ID is 89294610559.
Jazzmin's also on my leadership team and is my cooking partner. We made sweet potato and pecan cinnamon rolls together and shrimp-stuffed plantain together. There was no calorie left behind.

Do you need to be connected to virtual wellness services? Fill out this GetSomeJoy Virtual Wellness Request, let me know about your needs, your budget, insurance, gender & racial persuasions, and I'll do my best to get you hooked up with some folks to help you in the war against spiritual ashiness.

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