new writing: "AlexGottaEat #321: a garlic & cheddar/pepper jack loaf"

Oh, hey,

I've been cooking and baking like a mofo this year. Spending time in the kitchen chopping, frying, experimenting, leaving no calorie behind, and continuing my journey towards becoming a legendary ricist. Making this bread has helped me feel calm and powerful and closer to my grandmother. It gets better each time I do it, and it makes a great addition to my Husband Kit. I've given a few loaves as gifts, and, after a request at a dinner this week, am exploring a vegan version with cheddar and pepper jack cheese substitutes that don't taste like a hate crime. My last experience with vegan cheese was disastrous. Stay tuned for an update.

"The first time I made the recipe, I didn’t stray far from the basic recipe that had been circulating, like a scary-ass bitch. I added garlic powder to my flour mixture because I love myself, but, in my zeal to cut her open and dip her into some gravy, forgot the garlic butter moment on top. We all fall down. The original bot-born recipe uses zero garlic or thyme, half the cayenne, and just cheddar. Again, get it how you live.

onions, garlic, bay leaves, thyme, and milk for the steeping

Inspired by The Kitchenista’s legendary macaroni and cheese recipe, wherein she steeps milk with onion and bay leaf before adding it to her roux, I now steep my milk with onion, a bay leaf, smashed garlic cloves, and fresh thyme sprigs for recipes whenever possible. I even steeped my coconut milk for my coconut rice and YES. Shoutout to The Kitchenista for helping me let my soul glow. Cooking and baking like a motherfucker have been therapeutic and calming ways to ease into 2020 and reconnect with my foremothers during Blackety Black Folks Month. I made loaves numbers seven (“Rudy”) and eight (“Judy”) on today."

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