Cooking with Ree Ree: 5 of Aretha Franklin's Best Cooking Moments

As we dust off our BeBe and CeCe Christmas cassettes and unfurl The Matching Kwanzaa Skort Sets to commemorate yet another year of post-Teen Summit life, let us pause to raise a celebratory smoked turkey leg in remembrance of a beloved icon who spent decades cultivating her genius and sharing pot liquor-soaked soul, from down in her honey-glazed diaphragm, with the world.

Much has been said and many good and flimsy tributes speak to the magnitude of Freakum Pantsuit Hall of Famer Aretha Louise Franklin’s brilliance and musical mastery. But forget ye not her culinary offerings. As impassioned as she was in her vocal wizardry, so, too, was she in her love of a good gravy.

With holiday gathering season upon us, courtesy of the queen, if you haven’t had a collard green-inspired restraining order filed against you or been demoted to napkin duty for Six Major Holidays for shameful macaroni and cheese, here are some soulful delights guaranteed to make you the best +1 since Big Boi.

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