My latest for Very Smart Brothas: "Once upon a time, I was the guy in the Chuck E. Cheese costume"

Over on Very Smart Brothas, Alex wrote about his first job as the dude in the Chuck E. Cheese costume. Taddow:

"When I had enough of asking Mom and Dad for money to buy Taco Bell combos, CDs from Sam Goode and extra night-and-weekend minutes, I knew it was time to get a damn job. Sure, they’d have to accompany me, unlicensed and autonomy-seeking, to make these purchases. But upon arrival, who’d be pulling hard-earned dollar dollar bills out of their first wallet that didn’t have a cartoon character and/or Velcro, newly copped at TJ Maxx?

This guy.

Plus, my friends who had entered the land of 16 before me were all working and flourishing and getting their ears pierced at Claire’s in Coliseum Mall with their disposable income. So when my time came, I eagerly joined the workforce with a pretty sweet setup: climb inside a giant costume and become a cheer-spreading rodent, learn some choreography, enchant and terrorize toddlers for a bit, do a song and dance each hour and be rewarded with a personal pizza with toppings of my choosing, thank you very much. As long as I could buy Cinnabons—then a food group unto themselves—at will, minimum wage was fine with me."

Read the rest over at Very Smart Brothas. Boom boom pow.

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