So I went to Amy Ruth's.

photo: Serious Eats New York

Good morning, folks.

I come to on today with some very important news. I got the President Barack Obama (chicken) smothered with greens and macaroni and cheese with a tall glass of Purple, the Kool-Aid of the Day, at Amy Ruth's on W 116th Street in Harlem last night. Mister Man was craving gravy and comfort food, and I didn't want to waste my time at Sylvia's or Red Rooster or anywhere else so we took a chance. I went once back in 2008 or so with a group of friends who'd also escaped 1998, Virginia and landed in the land of knishes, cat-rats, and delayed trains, but all I remember is that I was famished after a day of classes at Broadway Dance Center and that we laughed a lot. Since I've had far more questionable macaroni and cheese in New York than good, I was skeptical. There is so much hateful macaroni and cheese in this world. I wanted to be a believer since a few friends and countless churched-up white stocking-wearing grandmas flock there regularly. I wanted to believe they all weren't being scammed.

However, I can officially report that the macaroni and cheese is a win, the smothering was well smothered, my mama would approve of the greens, and the Kool-Aid was diabeetusly sweet, just like the ancestors intended. Apparently the stuffing was good but "a little sweet," which was unsurprising because #theBlacks. I say all of that to say, mi genre, that it's a yes from me. I forgot to take a picture because I was starving. Just trust me on this. I hereby offer the #alexgottaeat stamp of approval and shall return. 

Good day. (Especially if you're coming to my mental health awareness event at the Schomburg Center this Wednesday.)

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