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I've been writing. 

In my most recent joint for my Black In the Day series on Saint Heron, I assembled a collection of goodies to help you get your joy on:
"Life can be wack sometimes, especially when living and working amongst shitbag-electing jive turkeys, rabid Iggy Azalea stans, kitten heel hoarders and such. Contending with chirren, work, honey shortages at Popeye’s, and automobills can drain one’s spirit, so it’s important that we take a break from saving the world to enjoy some soul food, to replenish what institutional hateration depletes. Laughter is a wonderful way to shake off the blues and sooth oneself as The Tangerine Terrorist and his cabinet of gargoyles jump into the fast lane to 1862. Here are a few spirit-lifting moments in Blackness to assist with your laughter-as-self-care situation. May your days be merry and moisturized."
Read "Black In The Day: The Black Joy Playlist" at

In my first for Jet, I gave an update on a Chicago activist who had a rough moment that led him to attempt to end his life:
"Regarding his mental state, Brown insists he simply encountered a rough moment—an uncharacteristic moment of weakness—and that his experience was not a sign of a bigger problem.
“I already know I’m not depressed. I’m not crazy. I’m not even sad anymore,” Brown revealed. “I’m so uplifted and that’s the power of unity. I’m not depressed. I had a very bad day.”
Though he’s reluctant to give a name to his mental and emotional struggles, he’s dedicated to taking steps to improving his wellness. His first step is to seek out a psychiatric evaluation."
Read "Activist Jedidiah Brown Healing After Suicide Attempt" at

And here is the rest of my writing.

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