Come check out The Extraordinary Negroes at SXSW in Austin, TX

Oh, hey.

The awesome (and smart) folk at SXSW (a music, film, and tech festival in Austin, TX) are allowing Jay and I to take the stage for a special live broadcast of The Extraordinary Negroes. Chicken and champagne for everyone.

It's our first time going, and I'm hyped to be there in the mix with other creatives and big thinkers and surrounded by an abundance of (allegedly) brilliant BBQ. We shall see. This is our second live event, and expect to have a dope-ass time. If you're heading to SXSW, come check us out on Tuesday, March 14, at 2PM on the SXSW Podcast Stage. And here is a list of all participating podcasts. See you there.

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