I've been writing.

Also, I have an article on mental health in the December/January issue of EBONY, called "Keeping Your Mind Right While Fighting The Good Fight."

It's about maintaining your mental health situation and balancing your wellness and your wokeness (and activism, explaining, teaching, and engaging).

The issue has four covers, featuring Nas, Ava DuVernay, Simone Biles, and John Legend. You can also read the piece hurr: "Keeping Your Mind Right While Fighting The Good Fight."

I contributed a smooth 40 profiles to last year's Power 100 coverage (in the magazine and on the site).

And was able to finally get "Saint Damita Jo" in print, as the ancestors intended.

But this is my first solo byline in print since ze high school days, when I wrote surly commentary during my time as the occasional editor (there was mucho drama at Sweet Valley High) for our school's newspaper, The Bear Facts. Haven't been able to find it here at home in 1998, Virginia, but I reckon I'll grab a few copies when I get back (home?) to Nueva York.

AND. I wrote about a glorious gluttonous experience I had at Harlem Shake. This encounter made up for a horrid encounter with some horrid macaroni and cheese at this same establishment. We finally relaunched The Extraordinary Negroes and have all kinds of marvelous writing and such from a growing roster of contributors happening over there.

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