Writerly Roundup

I'm writing again. This means the clouds are subsiding. Or something. Here's what I've been up to lately.

"Things To Consider When Starting Therapy" [Very Smart Brothas]
Your therapist is not there to be your best friend or tell you everything you want to hear. 
Given the intimate nature of the client-therapist relationship and the private things you’ll share with your therapist, bonding and developing a warm rapport are natural. Sure, be friendly, cuss like hell and relate over hot comb horror stories. But avoiding a distracting level of personal involvement will help prevent conflicts and confusion about the nature (and limits) of your relationship. Your therapist is providing a service, not working to be the Pam to your Gina.
"Black In The Day: Stage and Screen Mainstays" [Saint Heron]
MC Hammer, “2 Legit 2 Quit” on The Arsenio Hall Show (1991) To be down with Hammer’s 85-person performance squad, you had to be able to slay those frenetic-ass steps on demand, whether in a spandex two-piece and church shoes or a quilted and belted tarp with a hoodie. You had to keep up with a bionic one-man drill team who’ll out-dance you in a couch upholstery zoot suit, six-pound shoulder pads, and boxy Stacy Adams shoes, AND his bionic mini-me. And you might have to sing, too. The man who brought you “Pumps And A Bump” definitely put 245% more effort (and people) into his performances than today’s rappity rappers and shall forever be remembered for his high-energy eight-counts and prolific job creation.
"The Best Parts About Getting Hitched" [Esquire/Jim Beam Black]
3. Teamwork makes the dream work. Facing bills, hardships, difficult decisions, Netflix binge sessions, and aging will be much easier with a partner-in-crime. You can share awesome moments (becoming parents!) and not-so-awesome moments (finding out you're growing ear hair) and kick life's ass together. 
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