mo' writing: "7 Reasons You Should Get Out of Town" (for Esquire/Jim Beam)

The third of six posts I wrote for Esquire/Jim Beam Black hath hit the streets. This one is on why you should get the hell off the couch and getting the hell out of town for a bit:
"5. It broadens your worldview. Getting out of your bubble and interacting with different cultures with different values and different ways of living helps you see the world, well,differently. Traveling can even awaken your creativity and ignite your curiosity. And, it'll help keep you from becoming narrow-minded. 
6. You get to do stuff you can't do at home. Maybe your city doesn't have mud baths in volcanic craters, rainforests through which you can zipline or ostriches you can race in public (if that's what you're into). Here's where you get to step outside of your comfort zone and rack up some enriching new experiences."
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