I been writing: "8 Perks of Packing Up and Moving to A New City" (for Esquire/Jim Beam)


I hope that your day is pleasant and that your elbows are sufficiently moisturized and ready for battle. I'm recuperating after a much needed trip to Cleveland, Ohio with a group of folks to hit up Cedar Point, ze home of many of the biggest, tallest, and most gut-twisting roller coasters in the the U.S. or whatever. More on that later.

After an impromptu trip to the Googles, I discovered that first of six pieces I wrote for a Esquire/Jim Beam Black went live today on Esquire.com. This is my second copywriting campaign for Esquire.com. Last summer, I worked with Esquire editors to produce three pieces for Courvoisier (one, two, three).

These six pieces will live on Esquire.com, and two of them will be featured on their Instagram situation. Hooray and things like that.

While the process is at once terrifying, awkward and trying, relocating to a whole new city can be one of the best gifts you can give yourself. A change of scenery can help you break out of a funk, discover a new passion, or work up the nerve to revisit an old one. Here are some other things to look forward to when you're not digging yourself out of the fresh hell that is unpacking. 
1. You can rediscover or reinvent yourself. Much like Drew Barrymore's character didn't have to be Josie Grossie anymore, you, too, get to start over and leave baggage/bad habits behind upon relocation. Get that haircut or pick up that banjo you put down ages ago in your Mumford & Sons phase. Nobody here has any expectations of you.
Read the rest at Esquire.

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