"7 Great Moments That Happen After You Buy A House" (written for Esquire/Jim Beam)

Piece number two in the six-part series I wrote for Esquire/Jim Beam is live on Esquire.com. The series explores the best things about XYZ milestone, and this entry was on what to look forward to after buying a new castle or whatever. Good times.

"4. Your castle, your rules. Shoes off at the door? Okay. No talking before 10 a.m. on the weekends? Cool. Establishing a No Macklemore Zone or a Jim Beam Black-only adult beverage policy? That's fine, too. 
5. Marking the occasion with sexytime. Getting the keys and waiting for the cable/Internet/phone installation are fantastic moments, but few things top that first commemorative hump in your new home. Make it a good one."
Read the rest at Esquire.com.

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