The Extraordinary Negroes, Episode 2: "We Fall Down" (feat. Nickolas Gaines)

On episode two The Extraordinary Negroes, my podcast with el señor Jay Connor, my brilliant, writing-ass full-time Negro co-host, we invited Sir Nickolas Gaines, to the party.

The important stuff:

Nickolas Gaines wants our people-us to heal. And he wants to make sure that it's glorious. Nickolas is a Mental Health Practitioner. He is the Suicide Prevention Program Director for the Department of Defense, serving over 11,000 Soliders across 26 states, their family members, and Department of the Army Civilians. He oversees education/training, program implementation, policy development, and counseling. He also works for PREP Inc. as an Educator who teaches, facilitates workshops, and develops curriculum on family resiliency, relational health, masculinity, and fatherhood. When he's not working he's loving his family, eating good food, listening to Beyonce, maintaining his edges, and being mad that his spin class has all the wrong music. Nickolas judges you by how soft the cookies are in your banana pudding and your ability to clap on 2 and 4. You can find more of his work and/or musings at

In short, he's a superhero.

We rapped about everything from the mental and emotional stress of multiple deployments on service members and MJB's questionable vocals to suicide prevention training and resources for service members returning home.

We also learned about what he sees and deals with on a daily basis in his work as a mental heath worker,  and discussed Nick's foodie experiences as one of four free Negroes in Salt Lake City, Utah (Spoiler alert: Blandtown, USA)

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