What A Difference A Year Makes: On Battling and Beating Depression

Hi there. I wrote about the last year of my life over at Very Smart Brothas. Have a gander:


If I had moved to New York last fall as intended, you would be surely be referring to me in the past tense today.

I wasn’t ready, mentally, financially or emotionally to give up my chill yet scatterbrained and spiraling life in Panama to write and power–walk for a living in the City That Never Covers Its Mouth When It Sneezes. But that didn’t stop me from telling myself, my family, and the world that they should deck the halls and bring forth their finest celebratory hams and splurge on the jackiest of pepper jacks for thy macaroni and cheeses and prepare to chicken like they’ve never chickened before when I touched down later that year, which was the best possible move to make and was certainly for sure going to happen. Absolutely. Of course.

Nonstop mental shitshow be damned.

Read the rest over at Very Smart Brothas

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  1. This was sent to me with many exclamation points and entreaties to read, now!!! So glad I did. Like a long , cool drink a'water in the cultural desert of the 757. (Almost done doing my own transformative downtime.) Best and most honest piece on dealing with depression I've encountered yet. Thank you.


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