Check in on your people.

This praline cheesecake from Copeland's Cheeecake Bistro in New Orleans is completely unrelated, but I'm hungry.

Check in on your folks, y'all. Even the bubbly, joyous ones. ESPECIALLY the ones who who are always a fountain of positivity, advice and warmth. Nurturers and the endlessly selfless often suffer in silence, so you would likely never even get a whiff of their despair. An occasional, easy text, IM, phone call or email could change someone's day or life. You'd be surprised who among your homies is visible and "present" but at war internally or scratching to survive or spiraling or going through some BS that's trying to take them out/under. Don't attempt to be a therapist; just be a friend. You will probably never know how much a hug, kind word or genuine inquiry can impact someone.

You're so pretty,


(see also: "Hey there, Overwhelmed Person")

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