Hey there, Overwhelmed Person

Hey there, Overwhelmed Person.

It's hard out here for a pimp. Life kicks your ass sometimes. Work gets cray. Kids and spouses and bosses be trippin. Obligations make it hard to be great. Before you can be of any use to the world, you gotta take care of yourself. Forreal forreal. Lay your ass down and nap it out on occasion. Or "rest your eyes" or whatever. Recharge, dammit. Chill the hell out every now and then, say "No" more often and take a damn personal day (or seven) if you need to. It's fine to clock out and pull it together, for the sake of your sanity. Drink water. Don't put sugar in your damn grits, like a proper human. Get help if you need it. Asking for help won't kill you, but not asking just might. Cry if you must. Eat fried chicken often. Remember: Aunt Viv 1 > Aunt Viv 2. Season your food. And don't believe that "they sleep, we grind" millennial Fuckshit. Go the fuck to sleep, my dude/dudette. Haggard ain't cute.

With love and a hookup on baby Jordans,


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  1. This is my new morning read. Every. damn. morning. Thank you for this gift!


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