Be Less Terrible #1: Count To Three and Do It

#1: Count to three and do it.

I have lists of lists I that I intend to make.

I am the Saint Damita Jo Jackson of procrastination. It goes dooown julie brown over here. It's not a game, okay? You don't wanna see me in a Battle of the Pussyfoots, my dude/dudette.

Since I'm striving to be a little less terrible each day, this week, I'm focusing on attacking a handful of these awesomely awesome ideas (and pieces and tasks and goals) that have been abandoned in my notebooks like a stray Alicia Keys note left by the side of the road.

I've been procrastinating on putting out a call for a college credit-seeking graphic design intern and an aggressive PR wizard to help me scale this Colored Boy operation and accelerate this journey towards that platinum-coated fried chicken shrine. Thug life confession: I wasn't certain I was ready for that step and so I put it off and, well, here we are. I've been meaning to cut the grass for days. Same for vacuuming out the car. I decided that THIS was the week that I'd start meditating...about four months ago.

And so on.

Kingdoms and fried chicken shrines do not build themselves, so it's time I got off my ass and took a step (or six) towards Better Personhood.

Join me.

Here's your challenge for the weekend:

Pick something you've been putting off. Could be a big something (filing for divorce, applying for a grant, swearing to the ancestors that you'll never let blue contacts touch your Negroidian eyes again, etc.) Could be a small something (canceling your Columbia House membership). You decide. I don't know your life.

You can't get back that time you wasted by putting it off so wallowing about putting it off won't help. Though it may be helpful to consider what held you back from taking the leap so you can try not to do it again.

Step 1:

Count to three and do it.

And finished.

If you don't die from doing this something, add two cups of water and a bay leaf and repeat.

Report back and let me know:

1. What did you choose?
2. Honestly, what the hell took you so long?
3. That wasn't so hard, was it?
4. What's next?

May the force be with you. Your platinum-coated chicken shrine awaits.

Check back next week so we can continue being less terrible together.

You're so pretty,


Sip your way to better personhood.

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