watch this: Cecile Emike's "strolling" (ep. 11), featuring Kevin Morosky on Biggie, Black Santa, and more.

"Elizabeth Cleopatora. Are you mad? - Kevin Morosky

This is one of my favorite episodes from filmmaker Cecile Emeke's gorgeous web series Strolling, wherein she "[goes] on a stroll with people and talk about various issues affecting people." Simple enough, yeah? In short, Strolling features an array of chocolatey wonders, roaming the streets of London, opining and reflecting on the grand, complex, and minor, from homosexuality and reparations to weed, chicken shops, and male feminism. Fun for everyone.

This installment features brilliant commentary by British artist and fellow Deloris van Cartier enthusiast Kevin Morosky waxing majestically about life, Biggie, Black ass Santa, working as a "Black photographer," gaping holes in Christian fairy tales, and pride. Sixteen minutes well spent.

Check out the rest of Cecile's Strolling series, here

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