The Friday FeelGood: Sheryl Underwood won.

So. I just happened upon this powerful testimony by comic Sheryl Underwood from The Talk. For her turn during the show's "Secrets Week," Sheryl opened up about a long-held secret from much earlier in her professional career. I'll let her tell her tale, but it's a great lesson about flying above the haters and knowing when to choose your battles. I gagged. I smiled. I drafted my Thank You letter to Fuckboy Numero Uno. (Hi.)

Now, I definitely scowl at many of her comments on sexuality and gender, but the instances when she has opened up about her personal struggles and triumphs have softened my views of CBS' favorite wig snatcher. Also, she is a bigger person than I am (you'll see why), because I am petty and petty is me.

I love a good "YOU MAD?" moment. Sheryl won. Enjoy.

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