On Michael Sam and Babysitting the Emotions of Bigots

I was asked to expand upon my previous thoughts on Michael Sam or Gawker. (!!!) Have a gander.

Photo: Gawker

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  1. Alex,

    Your article of Gawker was incredible, amazing, marvelous, and the opposite of the many idiots that commented on it, claiming you to be bigoted, sexist, unable to write or think, using words that don't exist, and so much other shit that makes it abundantly clear that they did NOT read or understand what you wrote.

    But I sure did. And I'm fairly certain that I am older (58) and straighter and whiter that some of people who commented. It's the tings that worries me a lot these days. How can some younger people be so bigoted and stupid and non-thinking, seemingly more than ever these days. Of course I know that there are many who are not that way. but in 2000-fucking-14, shouldn't it be a vast majority?

    This article (and pretty much everything else you've written) should be required reading for every living person in the USA, obscenities included (everyone'll hear those words eventually), so let 'em fucking loose!


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