Whitenicous and YOUR Self-Hatred

My latest for EBONY:

Nigerian-Cameroonian pop singer Dencia has found herself on tongues and pages across the globe as of late. However, the newfound spotlight has little to do with her heavily-auto tuned music and everything to do with her controversial new skin care line, Whitenicious. Presented as a remedy for dark spots and hyperpigmentation, “the luxurious skin product” comes elegantly packaged with hopes of a brighter, pigment-free future.
Translation: For a fee, you, too, can be a contestant on The White is Right.
As the story began to circulate, cries of judgment and justification have rung out from every corner of Negrolandia, on Nigerian lifestyle blogs and Black American web spaces alike. Links accompanied by images of her newly milky-white body glamorously modeling the unblemished possibilities of Whitenicious have peppered my social media timelines daily for the past two weeks. Everyone has an opinion on Dencia, who, the Internet has decided, obviously hates herself, and her drastic transformation.
Read the rest over at EBONY, here.

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