number two.

My second for EBONY has been released unto the world. I decided to write about something that has shaped a significant part of my relationship with my parents: my sexuality. I knew from an early age. Like Kindergarten early. And I spent a significant part of my childhood and adolescence trying to come to terms with it. Navigating my attraction to both sexes. And learning to be okay with knowing I didn't have the same puritanical views of sex and pleasure as everyone else. That, and later on, reminding my family that my sexuality was but a small part of my total being. That it didn't characterize the whole of my being. And that the sky would not fall.

Time has made everything better. As I haven't been involved seriously with anyone worth a damn since Obama's first presidency, there really hasn't been much to discuss, romantically. But it's refreshing to know that if someone arose that I needed to discuss, I could do so without being scratched out of wills and chopped from the family tree.

And so it was arranged. I was registered for Saturday morning karate classes at the Newport News YMCA. That first morning, Dad beamed, expecting to drop off a boy and pick up a warrior, a warrior who would perhaps dazzle relatives at holiday dinners with electrifying karate skills, karate chopping rum cakes in half, dazzlingly. By the time he entered the gym hours later to take me home, I was practicing cartwheels and tumbling with the gymnastics group.  
He knew

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