a trip to paradise: Portobelo, Panamá

During my time in Panamá, in order to avoid suicidándome, I occasionally had to escape the hustle and fuckshit of the Capital for a quieter, browner, locale. I can admit to not exploring as much of Panamá as intended, but the place I did become familiar with was Portobelo, a gorgeous, quiet Black town on the Caribbean side of the country, in Colón province. During my 19 months in Panamá, I visited this sleepy village three times and it became my go-to escape destination. No asinine taxistas and stress-inducing customer service tragedies, just beautiful, welcoming Black people, comida caribeña, and a peace not found in Panama City. While there are white people tourists (they will build a business anywhere), I felt completely at ease there. It felt good to be able to blend in for once. As I prepare to return to Panamá in the coming days, this is one more thing that I look forward to. Here are a few of my favorite images from my time in Portobelo.


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