High-calorie decadence, memories and moonshine.

I am entering my third week here in New Orleans, the land of decadent food, day drinking, extravagant Southern Black Woman hair, and soulful white people. It's quite the colorful place.

I'm still getting used to the pace here. As live as it's hyped up to be, this is still a very Southern city. I haven't been as social and outgoing as I intended, but I'm very much in work mode these days.

There was a loosely planned To-Do List of things to accomplish here:

To eat/drink:
Alligator Sausage
Po Boy
Hand Grenade
Various ridiculous food and flavor combinations

To do:
Date and dump
Find & Dance with a ratchet white girl
Befriend a ghetto girl
Go nude at The (clothing optional) Country Club
Sample the locals*** 
Partake in Day Drinking
Live Music
Launch my new site
Get THE BODY back *gong sound*
Buy a one-way ticket to Brazil
Walk in the Second Line
Break a heart
Resume ballet
Find a suitable beer that doesn't taste like death
Find love in a hopeless place
***= ongoing

I'm making good progress but there's much much more to do.

For now, I present to you a collection of the high-calorie goodness I have been able to experience while here in New Orleans these past two weeks. This, of course, is only the beginning.

Gruvment1's NAWLINS album on Photobucket

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