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I'm not sure how I've overlooked this song for so long, but this week's newest music obsession is Ryan Leslie's "You're Not My Girl." Though apparently released in 2009, I just heard the song for the first time over the weekend, after watching the following video about 13 times consecutively:

The video is a collaborative piece between choreographer David Moore and Marty Kudelka, the man who makes Justin Timberlake move. Though their styles can appear similar at times, the piece does a great job of showcasing the differences between David Moore's work (which I love) and Marty's work (who does some of the best partnering in modern commercial choreography).

Then...I found this video from Candace Brown, one of the most consistent choreographers in Los Angeles. Few people can find a groove in the music the way she does, and she put a different spin on the song:

Sigh. The fluidity, the great sequencing. She really hurts my feelings. And Karon Lynn, the tall, slender bitch in the middle of the last clip here, HE really hurts my feelings. Her choreography always just feels natural. Not necessarily EASY, but it always feels good on the body...if you can capture the grooves.

At any rate, this is about the songs itself. Justin Timberlake comparisons be damnned, "You're Not My Girl" is the funkiest, most enjoyable "Bitch, know your role" song I've heard in a minute. Ultimately he's telling her that they can enjoy the perks of a relationship, quality time, probably hunchin', but um, Thou Shalt Not Be Claimed. Who doesn't love a gift-wrapped insult? I know I was too busy two stepping with my imaginary Long Island Iced Tea to initially catch the face kick.

Dah well. Check it out:

stay tuned....

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