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The third release from the soul duo The Foreign Exchange, Authenticity has arrived. I thought their previous album, Leave It All Behind was damn near perfect. Yet another solid, straight listen. I can enjoy this CD from open to close, with the dense, cynical "Last Fall" to the standout closing track, This City Aint The Same Without You featuring the DC native Yahzarah (who I've mentioned here). Also featured are Jesse Boykins III and he-who-sounds-better-featured-on-records-than-on-solo-tracks, Darien Brockington.

A short film, Thank You For Listening, about the creation of this project:

Listen to the album and past releases from The  Foreign Exchange here.


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  1. "...he-who-sounds-better-featured-on-records-than-on-solo-tracks, Darien Brockington."

    If that aint the gotdamb truth, I dont know what is. I love me some Darien, and he's even better live, but his own music makes me want to throw up both my hands and only listen to Flavor Flav.

    Anyway, loooooooooove this album. *holds it close to my chest as I close my eyes and sleep*

  2. I loooove them.


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