As a result of my post on The Real Housesitters of Dekalb, I was offered a writing position over at Soulbounce, a dope music blog that aims to "expand the conversation of urban music beyond the over-exposed and the obvious." In other words, SIT DOWN RIHANNA.

I often comment that many of my favorite artists couldn't buy their way into the Top 40, and I'm totally fine with that. Popularity and talent are not related whatsoever, so I jump at the chance to give some shine to brilliant minds that don't have to hump on camera and plump up their asses for camera time.

My first two posts went live today.

*insert Chopped N Screwed negro spiritual*

Cee-lo's "Old-Fashioned" Gives Us Something New To Love

John Legend Get's a Chance To "Shine" On Leno

Check them out, comment, and browse the site. You just might stumble across something new.

All praise due to the Prophetess La Toya Yvonne Jackson, knower of all things, Queen of nose upgrades.


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