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Good morning persons,

Today is an exciting day here at HQ. The staff (Me, My'Self, and i) is abuzz because our glorious leader, i, has launched a book-lover's blog with the help of the lovely Nakia aka SugaHoney. Enter The Page Turners. We felt we should have a place to formally discuss our literary likes, dislikes, and obsessions, and have input from a wide variety of intelligent minds on what's hot in the streets bookstores. My focus shall be mostly memoirs, but my first review is not quite in that lane. You'll see, hoe. We aim to launch by next week, so check back every day this week to meet the rest of the Page Turner crew, Malca, Shydel, and Alise. Now do a split, hoe!

So, if you are a book-lover, a supporter of nerdery, a, or have some time to kill, please check us out at:

Sadly, our office celebration is for staff only. You missed a wicked 12-tier red velvet cake that My'Self (office manager) baked in the shape of Nethaniel Leakes' brand new nose. Shucks.

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  1. You're everywhere now! Wow. But you deserve it. Love your writing and I'm ecstatic to see you at my favorite music site.


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