yes. i am alive.

Hi there.

Yes, I am alive. I am not dead (word to P!nk), but have been a little busy as of late. This is a good thing. I've spent the past few weeks living, fasting, eating, writing, reading, sharing, re-writing, assessing, growing, dancing, planning, and loving.

 Life's been good. I've obtained some needed clarity on a handful of issues. I've grown even more comfortable with my introversion, accepted being single, found new perspectives on old relationships, and taken risks creatively. I truly have no significant complaints.

The writing course I'm taking at UCLA has been a blessing. To have an audience to comment and provide feedback on my writing from a technical standpoint, not just the subject matter, has been extremely helpful. While I may have been intimidated in the beginning, I've come to anticipate that meeting of the minds each week. I'm getting more from the class than I anticipated originally, which is also amazing.

I am usually the first volunteer to read our writing aloud. I crave the feedback of fellow writers, and I get it, overwhelmingly. I also may or may not have had the "strongest essay" last week. That's just an added bonus...a damn good one.

I'm currently toiling with a lengthy personal essay on a major life event. I love the development thus far, and passed on turning it in so I could complete it. Unfortunately, it's well over the 500-word requirement, so...some pruning is on the horizon for sure.

Working on a television project, which has been both interesting and eye-opening. More on this later.

This week, I have also been blessed to meet a promising, insanely dope individual. Artistic, intelligent, honest. The bomb thus far. I'm a fan of taking things slowly, but...when you know, you know. And even though he's thousands of miles away...he's already eclipsed anyone I've encountered romantically in this McWretched ass city, by far. And that's okay.

Again: no complaints. Just been busy living life. I haven't abandoned you. Hopefully you're still out there, reading...and living your life as well.


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  1. i'm always happy to know that you are doing well. that just sets my mind at ease.

    of course you know i'll need details that aren't safe for blogging, ASAP.

  2. Very good to hear that you're doing good things, and life is good.

    Keep it up!!

  3. I love hearing these good reports... makes me smile.


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