unexpected inspiration.

I was JUST (literally three minutes ago) inspired and motivated by one of my favorite minors on this planet (that isn't related to me by blood).

Meet Taahira.

isn't she gorgeous?
Taahira is the amazing, proudly brilliant, beautimous offspring of my Aunt Cashawn of Dirty Pretty Thangs. I was first introduced to this wondrous child back in 2007 when visiting Washington DC for my estranged wife Rayona's birthday party. Aside from secretly hating on her locs for being so damn long and glorious, I was wowed by her intelligence. So put-together at such a young age, she is. It's no surprise that Cashawn's always bragging about something slick or profound homegirl spit from her mouth. Imagine: a child that's actually PROUD to be called "[her] mother's child." When was the last time YOUR child was bummed out about not being able to take a class...that wasn't required...IN THE SUMMER?!? Taahira is clearly significantly cooler than your Nicki Minaj-worshiping, 106 & Failure-bound little one. #womp

Tonight, while chatting via Facebook, she shared her blog with me (HERE). I was immediately drawn to the stream of conscious appeal she has going on. Smart kids are so damn cool to me. Speaking with her reminds me of communicating with my 12-year old neice, observing such unexpected maturity, confidence and grace in such a young person. It's refreshing for someone with occasionally wavering motivation, such as myself, to witness this. That she's eager to build her skills and talents further deepens my love for the awesomeness that's evidently magnified by glorious, natural hair.

When discussing blogs, we agreed that it's alright to use this space as an outlet for...things I just find to be dope, funny, amazing, or cool. As of late, I've agonized over my "next great blog," trying to come up with something refreshing and THE BOMB to put here, overlooking all the random, ridiculous shit that occurs daily. Though I'm having an amazing year, I've neglected this space, convincing myself that I had to compete with (insert other amazing blog) for content. As I've started my writing course at UCLA, I feel some pressure to reach some unwritten, nonexistent standard for content. All lies, of course, this is. She unknowingly reminded me that it's okay to rant, rave, and be random like I used to. In her case, she uses her blog to talk about all the things she can't/doesn't want to say in public or elsewhere. I'm so glad she verbalized this to me.

I've been blogstipated for weeks now, and...I'm glad I didn't log out of Facebook chat, as I was about to do when she hit me up. I have a much-needed push to finish an old blog....that I started....over a year ago.

Gotta love an unintentional kick in the face...

Thanks, Tee.

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  1. Praise Jesus.

    I got SOMETHING right.

  2. Tee, my best friend under 18, lol

  3. She is lovely. Bright children make me happy, hopeful.

  4. Tee's my mini. LOVE HER! And she's super dope indeed.


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