Back in November, I had the pleasure of seeing the homie Chas (@iamchas), Nikki Blak (@nikkiblak) and a host of other brilliant people compete in InkSlam 2009, a slam poetry competition. This was my first time experiencing slam poetry, and from the moment I walked in the venue, I felt a change. At the time, I was starting to feel the effects of a perceived cultural deprivation while adjusting from New York to Califerny. Something as simple as being asked what books I read, who I enjoy, or even a lively literary discussion is basically nonexistent among the dancers with whom I've spent much of my time.

Naturally, I was completely open and prepared to be overwhelmed, mentally and emotionally. Nikki Blak represented ELEVATED! San Diego. I'd heard many good things about this woman previously. Of course, she blew me away with her piece.

She was so insanely passionate with her delivery, I felt as if looking away while she spoke would throw off the Earth's rotation. She is POWERFUL. I can't wait to see her chocolate ass on a stage again. Check her site out HERE.

I've known Chas since...probably 2006 via my myspace blog. He's been supportive of my insanity and my work for years. I knew he did poetry, and in 2007, he sent me a collection of his writing, which I still have. Amazing, he is. I've never seen him do slam poetry, however, and I was in for quite a suprise.

My mouth was agape throughout his performance. It's a weird sensation to see someone you've known for years do something incredibly beautiful and, to me,  unexpected. Completely unlike seeing a high school classmate in a porno. THAT is another blog entry. To say that I was impressed is an understatment. He came across extremely confident, and rightfully so. I welcome any opportunty to support him in the future.

There was one piece in particular that moved me to tears, honestly. Rudy Francisco ripped my heart open with his performance. It's the story of life-ruining heartbreak, to say the least. Perhaps it affected me this way because I've known this type of love.

WOW. By the time he got to EIGHT, I was gone. gone. gone. I had a moment! I took a second to recover afterwards. Watching it a month later and again now, the same feeling is there. No tears this time, but I can vividly recall the feeling in the room.Very powerful shit.

I respect what these poets do because this is something I have absolutely NO inclination towards. My elementary-level poetry efforts are laughable in comparison. I need this type of passion and talent in my life soon. This form of expression, whether truly vulnerable or secretly forced, was motivating as hell. I must make it to some of the poetry spots Chas suggested for me. Thanks everyone for sharing your talents with the world.

an inspired fan of your passion,

~colored boy.
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  1. Not that I'm the greatest poet in the world...but you make me afraid to perform in front of you.

    I still love you though.

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