my fountain of happy.

periodically, a person enters my life whose presence is more significant than i could ever realize in the moment. last year, while living in Brooklyn, i met a man who has, i now realize, immeasurably changed my life. our paths crossed at a very interesting point in my life. i was four months into what became 13 months of celibacy. i was milling over some very big life decisions. i was taking deliberate steps to focus more on ME, as well as my goals, desires, and overall joy as opposed to any type of WE/US scenario. i'd felt stronger, mentally, than i had in recent memory...especially after way 2008 gang raped my spirits.

Rodney offered refuge. he was a breath of fresh air compared to what i had allowed myself to be surrounded by at the time. his life story alone helped me realize the power i held within. we did "date" briefly, but above that, i appreciated his wisdom, sense of humor, humility, and determination. he was relentless in his personal pursuit of happiness, and that was more endearing that any other quality he possessed. i loved what HE represented. he'd devoted two years to losing half his body weight and had a very strong spiritual base. in the end, the sum of his life's experiences made him a selfless, generous soul, sharing his knowledge and joy with all he encountered.

for weeks, we'd spend our days connecting and learning from one another. he discouraged me from limiting myself. his entire existence was a testament to the mind's power and i couldn't help but be affected by this. his positivity was infectious. in fact, i got the balls to purchase my one-way ticket to Los Angeles while sitting in Starbucks with Rodney.

he once told me that his life's purpose was to "help people and connect them with those can help more than [he could]." in addition to his daily work in ministry and nonprofits, he's started a video blog. "More Life" seeks to help us live a fuller life through faith, generosity, and an unshakable connection to your spirit.

 peep THIS video, which he shares part of his personal story. he has a CRAZY tale; check it out:
note for heathens: don't let his use of GOD scare you. there is a bigger message at hand.  

some of the idea's he's shared with me have helped me attain this feeling of calm. i'm more mentally and emotionally stable than i've been in quite some time. i'd say i owe some of this to him. naturally, he'd say i owe it to myself.

who has helped YOU "get through"?

~colored boy
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