i'm home in virginia with the family. aside from seeing people I love (and eating like a damn fool), i've been reunited with some of my favorite books that i stored in the attic.

james baldwin
e. lynn harris
eldridge cleaver
james frey
sister souljah
ralph ellison
harriet beecher stowe

i am carrying back as many as i can without having to check a bag at the airport.

i've been missing out on some much needed literary stimulation out in los angeles. being outside of new york, i've lost the hour of daily train commuting that allowed me to read several books a month. i've had to create time for reading, which has proven difficult. i have commented recently to various people that i have NEVER been asked "What's your favorite book?" or anything relating to literature while on the West coast. while it may seem insignificant to most, i grew used to being able to discuss books, writing, authors, etc. regularly. now, i'm usually met with a shrug and "I don't read books."


that so many people haven't been exposed to the genius of Baldwin, Ellison, Newton (Huey), or anyone equally great is disappointing. such greatness awaiting.

i'm making an effort to read more to strengthen my love of writing. i am quite sure i'll be back in school for something writing-related by the end of 2010.

wish me luck.


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