okay. i just feel moved to showcase a good homie of mine right now. i've known this man and his crew for a few years. we were introduced via a mutual friend back in VA, when he was involved in directing and producing fashion shows for Hampton University. i was a fan then. he showed promise. i can remember then that his path in dance wasn't solidified. from what i recall, he was slightly unsure of how serious he wanted to be about dance.

well, it's safe to say it's very clear that the man has come and will continue to go quite far.

Tiffany (@tiffneedsatwitter), Danni (@dannirogers), Q (@quin915), Rob (@_robrich), Coops (@misslady_day), Fresh (@freshredding)

Rob Rich, his sister Quinetta (who now know goes by Q-THIS took me a minute to adjust to. i'd drop the government and people would respond with, ".....WHO?") and their crew, ORACLE, are doing their damn thing out here in Los Angeles. Hell, to be honest, I wasn't sure what they'd end up doing, but they sure showed my ass!

Their "debut" Los Angeles performance, though I couldn't attend, blew me away. This, more than any other, demonstrates Rob and Q's progress over the years. Rob's choreography is much cleaner and undeniably distinct...and dope, all around. It's different. Seeing it, you can tell that homebody is not FROM Los Angeles, and it works for him. (PS: I love how you directed us to Reference the Ms. Jade video.)

I congratulate everyone on this show, but I must draw attention to Q's brutal murdering of "I'm The Shit" starting at 2:15. Look for the killer afro. She apparently summons the power from her magical hair (as I often do in everyday life) and proceeded to destroy the song. Q has grown from the girl who could mimic and spit back her brother's choreography to a mature, confident performer. BISH, YOU ROCK!

even from here, in May, I see the growth in everyone. *handclap for you, kids* Even though I can't attend, scream and support in person as much as i'd like, know that I appreciate and respect your work and progress. It's always good to see VA homies (even if they aren't originally FROM there...and I forgive them for that) doing well.

For more of their work, check out Oracle's youtube page: HERE or their blog (which could use an update-ROB!): HERE. Rob teaches at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studios on Saturdays at 2:30.

keep up the good work.


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  1. oh how i love ms. jade...she was everything.


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