operation anti-lardass

and hello.

Operation Anti-Lardass is in effect. I'm making the effort to recognize and discontinue bad habits (soda, fast food, excessive junkfood, laziness, etc.) and instituting and sticking with good habits (daily exercise, higher water intake, more responsible spending, prayer, daily study/reading, etc). As I wrote in a much-needed declaration and reaffirmation to myself, I must work to reconnect wth the ME from yesteryear. The ME that made and followed through with daily/weekly/monthly goals, and buckled down, sacrificed, and disciplined myself to prepare for a cross-country move.

So, in putting an end to this lazy person that's been reigning, I'm simply requiring some form of daily exercise. Whether it's this amazing New York City Ballet Workout 2 DVD, Power 90 (look it up), running, or dancing, I must do something daily for seven days. The goal is to make this stuff a habit again. I've become comfortable in this new body, 20 lbs lighter than I'm used to. But...skinny is not in. This 13-year old girl's chest is not the way. I can't pull broads and amass hoes with this chest!! Sheesh.

A minor goal is 1000 pushups by Saturday. So far, I'm able to do 50 at a time. By the end of the month, I'm going for 60 nonstop. I tend to do better when I put things out there, and am held accountable for following through.

So...here's what I've done thus far:


170 pushups

crunches (which I NEVER do)

15 mins cardio (running)

2 hrs dancing

No soda today. Had a few handfulls of popcorn, and stupidly ate one of those cracktastic Cinammon Crunch pastries at Panera (THE devil). A good amount of fruit. Lots of water. Feel good overall. Will push to dance before work, then possibly run after work. 200 pushups by the end of the day.

My treat: Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy and some peanut butter and crackers.

And good night.


  1. Can I just say that Season 2 of Grey's is a good-ass treat for your hard work? And I'm about to follow suit and start a workout thing too (for real this time.) I even cook! But that's because I can't use EBT at the drive-thru. Good luck, my Panamanian lovemonkey! (it's not racist since i'm Negro)


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