video, finalmente.

recorded myself in Kennis' class @ Debbie Reynolds today. by THIS point, I was beat. Kennis' choreo is extremely high-energy. after having run it 4 or 5 times, i was FIGHTING through it. lol.

i'm pleased. it's been ages since i've seen myself dance. my NY homeskillet Amy and I promised to record eachother whenever we do exceptionally well in class...


  1. AnonymousJuly 13, 2009

    Go hard or go home goddammit!!! Perfect song for your new life in Cali! You did-did it though...I would've had a stroke....

  2. Go Alex! You really did that, dear!
    I loved!

  3. Me likey. I saw ya'll slightly "going dumb" at the 15 second mark lol


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