Thursday, July 2, 2009

Random childhood memory #68

I used to tell my friends that Anita Baker was my mother. I can remember trying to convince the kids in my kindergarten class that my mother wrote and sang "Sweet Love", as if they knew or cared who she was.

Apparently, as a toddler, whenever Anita came on TV, or her records were played, little Alex would scream and dance and, generally, lose my effing mind. I could recognize her voice, "sing" her songs, and mimick her crazy woman side-to-side shoulder rock like a champ, all at the age of 3. I've been told that if anybody touched one of her records, or moved it out of my reach, I'd raise hell. I laugh when my mom brings this up, because can actually picture it...

I still actually feel a way when I hear "Sweet Love." They should have "known"


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