oh happy day.

as of today, my parents have been married for 29 years. and that is worthy of celebration. out of my group of close friends, i am one of maybe 4 whose parent's are still together. no secret families, no stray babies, no ugly fights and abuse. they have a beautiful, loving, nurturing union that i am proud to be a product of.

thanks for keeping it all together, mom and dad.




  1. AnonymousMay 31, 2009

    That's such a rare gift nowadays. You are blessed. Pass it on!

  2. Happy Anniversary to your parents! Like Tasha said, it is a blessing!

  3. Awwwesome!

    My parents just had their 30th 2mos ago (yes, I do realize I'm 35! lol!), so it's indeed a fine thing.

  4. Aww, that is great (even tho I'm late)

    I wonder if i'll be able to look at the same man face for 29 months, let along years! Thats takes dedication :)


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