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My marathon day is coming to an end. Two work-study shifts, four classes, a $5 footlong, and lots of fruit and water. I'm TIRED as all hell. Now: laundry must be done. I have been trying to get into the habit of washing clothes weekly, but it's a joke, mostly. However, I've got a pretty serious week of classes on the agenda (at least 9 between now and next Tuesday), and stretching additional life out of my wonderfully scented dance attire is pushing it.

Some gems from today's ballet class w Darius Hochman:

To a girl who clearly considers herself more advanced than she actually is:
"Why you move like that? You have problem?"

To a woman who smiled proudly throughout a ballet drill:
"Why you smiling? That was horrible!"

To a woman who, when asked to demonstrate, performed less than perfectly:
"Oh. You hurt my feelings."

In response to dancers switching lines at their own discretion: "You should know where you stand, you are not children! If somebody is in you space, tell them 'YOU ARE LIAR! YOU ARE IN MY SPOT!'"

Needless to say, class was amazing. I perspired MUCH more than normal because I worked my ass off today. It paid off, as I received more "Okay. Good Alexander," and less "Wrong, Alexander. Everyone do it again."

Tomorrow, more work-study and at least two classes. The Choreographer's Carnival is tomorrow so I expect to be inspired. There will be NO discussion of why I'm not performing. None whatsoever. As I've said for the past 3 years, "Next time."


Laundry's calling.

Good night.


  1. Busy, busy!!

    Keep up the hard work!

  2. tell them 'YOU ARE LIAR! YOU ARE IN MY SPOT!'....Taken!


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