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so yea. i've had this blog for quite some time, but, for whatever reason, decided to run with the wordpress page (found HERE) initially. i've seen the light. i appreciate the multitude of options presented by blogger. mobile blogging, better handling of audio/video, and so on and so forth. my only complaint: lack of a tool for importing blogs.


that just means that i must provide you with even more awesomeness. and i shall. after twitter-based prodding and a few "what the fuck happened to you?" inquiries, i figured i'd dust off the ol' fuckup-vision glasses, brush up on my insults and get back to work.


first off, i'm no graphic wiz. so...this blog will probably look like this (read: shit) until i find the time to pimp this sombitch. if, by chance, you consider yourself artistically inclined and would reach orgasm by sprinking a little oww oww oww bitch on my layout in the name of my awesomeness, then betcha by golly....feel free.

if you don't know anything about me, please be aware that, as it states in the sidebar to the right, i get GREAT pleasure in highlighting the shortcomings of others. does that make me a bad person? (if you didn't answer with) No (then, fuck you!). i, you confused soul, am a realist. without having to delve into my background and explain each instance of fuckery or introduce all the fuckfaces i've encountered along the way that helped create the insanely cynical, rude individual you love, the moral of the story is: be careful.

i am a janet jackson fan. she's the shit. i do not, however, need to debate you on why your favorite unsigned shitbag, unimportant, junkyard band ass "artist" is better. it's a lost cause. you won't win, so save it.

i hate all things ashanti. that goddamn donkey-dicked succubus is the malaria of the music industry that must be destroyed. THAT is another debate you will lose 100% of the time. if you support "her", maybe you should consider quitting life. you clearly hate yourself. and if you don't, you should . because forced to hate you too (see: the Transitive Property).

with all of that said....

so much has happened in the last few months since i've blogged regularly. i've reached a point of stability (mental, financial, emotional, and so on) for the first time in ages. 2008 was one throatchop after another for me. looking back, i don't even think i hid it well. oh well. that's what this whole blog thing is about, right?

i'm happy in general. i'm embarking on a healthy, promising relationship with an amazing individual. the drama-filled tales of chris.alexander and "M" are in the past. like the myspace blog (found HERE), i've put that completely behind me. you shall be introduced to "so and so" slowly but surely. you'll be into him as much as i am. trust me.

i'm dancing again. like...forreal forreal (i hate this phrase, fyi). ballet has changed my life. it's made me significantly more...AWARE (a big issue in 2009) of everything. you must be aware of arm and foot placement, while keeping the neck long, shoulders down, chest OUT, torso long, legs straight all while extending/stretching to go down and pressing down to go up. it's insanity. but i love it. i have two teachers that push me more than most hip hop teachers ever have. one with kind words and correction and the other via insults ("the only reason you should move like that is if you have POLIO!") and embarrassment ("every time Alexander makes a mistake, you will all do it again.") still, amazing. this combined with contemporary jazz and the occasional hip hop class has intensified and renewed my love of dance.

i've been attempting to tackle the choreography beast more frequently. the ongoing drama of chris.alexander vs. creativity continues. ugh. i'm once again intrigued and fascinated by how the/my mind works. video to come later. mmhmm.

moving/visiting (depending on who you ask) Los Angeles in June. so...yea. i'm ready ready ready for that. 6/30/09. get your time in now, motherfucker.

aside from that, live is damn good. some friendships have suffered, some have blossomed. just like in 2005, post Lupus (which is 100% gone gone gone!), i've re-evaluated relationships and priorities to achieve minimal stress. it's worked beautifully so far, so don't fuck up this groove.

this blog is one of fifty-leven bazillion things on my ever-growing TO DO list, it is. now, come back from time to time and be nosy, bitch. subscribe. support. tell a friend to tell a friend.

i'm off to bust some pushups and a quick stretch before bed. another long day awaits.

thanks for stopping by.



  1. how'd you do your template like that? I cant' set up a cool page on here for shit.

  2. being funny, concubine? The humor is too much for me to grasp.

    This, my dear, is the 3rd grade layout, for retards such as myself who feel less is more and are too impatient to tweak every font and line color. iCant. Fuckit.

  3. <3 welcome back biiiiitch!

  4. Forreal, forreal, I love yo' ass.

    Los Angeles?? WTF??

    Lord, no.

  5. to the comments that open in another window...this is sooooo faux

  6. So I have til June 30th to see you again, eh? I've been considering visiting NYC again this year. And I just may....

    Never been anywhere further west of Texas (shame, I know) so the prospect of me going to LA........very slim lol.

    Anyway, Im here! And I'll 'follow'...just as soon as I finish reading all of your posts so far :)



  7. Oh! And I loved the comment you left on my blog. My favorite part: "married to a transexual? of course. but that's besides the point. lol"

    I loved that.

  8. MOVING to Cali? wow. Welcome!
    so happy ur back to bloggin :)


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