about me.

and hello.
thanks for stopping through la casa de chris.alexander/chrisAlexander/Alex damn Hardy. get comfy. (if you have clean socks) kick off your shoes and stay awhile. be nosy, even.

on these pages you will be blessed (yes, blessed) with diverse content and my own brand of honesty. some things you will find humorous. some posts will seek to introduce you to people, places, and things that i consider either absolutely amazing or fucking terrible and feel the need to share with the public. there's a chance you may even be offended at times. but hell, a little brutal honesty and the occasional biting commentary never hurt anyone, right?


as for me:

i am over 21 and younger than 30.
i haven't had a haircut since 2001. my hair is probably longer than yours. dealwithit.
i adore zebra cakes and all seasonal variations (evidence here).
after a three year stint in New York (the best city in the US), i am now a resident of Late Angeles, California. (that is not a typo)
i am here to continue pursuing excellence in dance and choreography and new levels of friggin' awesomeness.
i prefer gents.
most of the my favorite artists couldn't buy their way into the Top 40. and that's perfectly fine by me.
i believe farting in public is totally fine.
my favorite television show EVER starred a man named Bill Cosby.
i had a pregnancy scare (with a girl) at age 17, thus officially ending my career as a fisherman.
though i haven't had one in almost two months, dr. pepper is love.
my favorite piece of audio recording is "trust a try" by janet jackson. five mins, 16 seconds of perfection.
i prefer writing letters to gift-giving.

i am a Lupus survivor. read my experience here.