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my latest for - "deeply rooted: what plant fatherhood taught me about taking care of myself"

my latest for food & wine: "Empanadas, Rice, and a Dream Built My Family"

Join me for the next round of "Literary Therapy: Writing (for) Your Life" on 11/4

Last night on Mental Health Monday: "Rona-flavored Finances" (feat. Sheena Anthony of Feel Good Investments)

[workshop series] 9/16/20 Literary Therapy: Writing (for) Your Life

new writing: Creating a Sanctuary in the Age of the Rona (via Medium)

So I'm discussing Black Joy at The Black Love Experience on Sat 8/29

Interview with MyLife for their Diversity in Wellness series

coming up on mental health monday with alexander hardy

Coming up on "Mental Health Monday with Alexander Hardy"

7/20 Mental Health Monday (757 Edition) with Saphira Contreras & André Williams